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  • Hear Educational Keynotes Creating Your Foundation for Change
  • Choose 3 Experiential Sessions from 10 Experts in Multiple Modalities
  • Network with Like-Minded Attendees Ready for Transformation
  • Gain Resources and Tools You Can Use Immediately
  • Have the Opportunity to Book with Your Favorite Speakers

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Hi, I'm Leslie Gipson

an Educational Kinesiologist, Intuitive Transformation Guide, and Founder of The Healing Instinct

In recent years, many people feel frustrated and let down by conventional treatments, therapy, and medicine. We do the things we should but change is slight and short-lived.

Through my own work, I have seen clients achieve immediate and lasting results by combining multiple modalities into each session. It is my belief that the most efficient and lasting way to foster healing is to combine techniques that address the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic needs of the person.

When working with clients, I combine goal setting, positive affirmations, meridian/chakra work, intentional movement, sound, color, acupressure, and intuition to create balance in all systems of the body.

This is the experience I want to foster during this event...a chance for you to find a modality that creates the balance you are searching for in your own life.

Wondering What This Event Is All About...

What Benefits Will You Get From Our Time Together?


Hear transformational stories about beating the odds, overcoming adversity, and achieving monumental goals...from people just like you!


Jump into sessions where you actually get to participate in different modalities...we cover Acupressure, Qigong, Sound Healing, Nutrition, Theta Healing, Hypnosis, Movement, Feng Shui and more!


When the Summit is over, you have materials to guide you on your healing journey...whether you go it alone or need more support!


Over 30 amazing experts share their knowledge of different modalities and techniques with you...in layman's terms.

No Doctor speak!


Life is all about the connections we make...there will be dedicated time

for networking and Q&A.

Get to know other attendees or connect with the speakers themselves!

More Life, Less Hustle

Everything you'll learn is

focused on helping you to

learn, grow & heal...

it's time to start living the

life you deserve, right?! :-)

It's 100% Virtual so you can attend from anywhere

These are some of the Modalities you can Experience

& the challenges you may transform into wins.

Yoga Sessions

Feng Shui

Sound Healings

EFT Tapping


Chakras & Meridians

Emotion Code



Journaling Prompts


Inner Child Work

Limiting Beliefs

Mindset Shifts

Body Awareness


Super Connection



Human Design

Check Out Our Sponsors

Emily Mahler

A holistic wellness community and directory of professionals and those wanting to claim the power in their wellness journey.

Our mission is to focus on collaborating and supporting one another to make a difference in how we take care of our health. To promote positive relationships with our care providers so that we can have the best options available for our wellbeing.

Bojana "Boki" Dee

Self-Mastery Expert specializing in aligning clients with their true authentic self and creating a safe space for their journey from subconscious conditioning to self-mastery, with Intuitive Quantum Healing & Human Design.

Sometimes in life we feel lost, broken, and blind to the way forward. When you reach this place, know that there is someone out there who can deeply connect to your soul and potential, providing the answers and solutions that you haven’t yet been able to discover.

Melanie Daniels

As a Psychic Medium, Melanie helps people connect to their passed loved ones, bringing them closure and a profound sense of healing and love. I offer guidance and insight into my clients' lives. As a teacher and spiritual counselor, I empower others to explore and use their own personal strengths and gifts to assist and direct themselves in their daily lives.

Cathy Coughlin

Certified Crystal Healer (Melanie Method); Holy Fire III Reiki Master, IET Certified and Angelic Reiki Certified, Cathy is a practitioner who listens with her heart and soul, balancing healing methodologies with practical application; assisting clients not only with holistic therapy sessions but also for them to see, feel and face their issues. Cathy has a knack for reaching to very root of a person’s need to heal, whether in the body, the aura, or their ancestry.

Kelly McCarthy

Kelly McCarthy is an expert in understanding energetic frequencies and has embraced her ability to be a mirror for others to see themselves as she and the universe see them. Her ability to connect to the human soul while sharing the messages and wisdom of universal energy, her ancestors, and the animal kingdom will leave you with an open heart and open mind to expand your intentional awareness of what is possible in your own life.

Thinking about joining us for the Virtual Wellness Summit?

Meet our AMAZING experts...

KeyNote Speakers

Leslie Gipson


Leslie is an Educational Kinesiologist and Intuitive Transformation Guide who utilizes multiple modalities to support clients of all ages in creating a balanced energetic life. She is passionate about helping individuals who have tried conventional methods yet still feel "stuck".

Marcia Brewer


Marcia operates her practice with a focus on holistic and body-focused modalities. She is energized by sharing the combined strength of Equine Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, and Brain Gym with clients and fellow providers.


Breakout #1 Lineup


"ReConnecting with Your Body"

Egwin is an international coach an trainer teaching movement and consciousness development and is the founder of Beyond Systems an organic natural approach to personal growth and healthy movement that aims to facilitate experiences to better understand ourselves and the connection and inner workings of emotions, mind, body and consciousness in a real life applicable way.

In the workshop at the summit we will dive into ways to better relate with our bodies, (re-) connect with them and experience firsthand how supportive and stabilizing this can be for our overall health and wellbeing.

Gillian is an Intuitive Nutritionist with her MS in Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Health Coach, Kundalini Reiki Master, and Women’s Circle Facilitator passionate about guiding clients on a sacred healing journey back home to themselves.

During our session, I’ll be sharing how to heal your relationship with food and nourish yourself holistically by tuning into your body's innate wisdom and cultivating deep self-trust.


"Healing Your Relationship

with Food"


"From Victim to Warrior"

Annamaria is an intuitive empowerment coach and motivational speaker. She believes the reason why we don't know who we are and what we are capable of, what our true purpose actually is, is because we live in a world of noise. She helps create a safe environment where you can explore who YOU are, beyond the surface and start living your day to day life according to THAT self.

In my workshop we will explore the power and importance of intention, how to take care of our wounded self, how to step into our actual power and how to start implementing the little techniques that will make a huge change in the direction your life is taking.

Rebecca is a licensed Practitioner in Rapid Transformational Therapy and a Certified Hypnotherapist. I help people create balance in their life and remove stress by changing the way people talk to themselves without having to change their life, career, or family.

My stress-less workshop will teach you the rules of the mind and give you a taste of a powerful mind re-wiring using hypnosis.


"Creating a Positive Inner Dialogue"

Friday - August 20th - Day 1

Breakout #2 Lineup

When working with individuals, Kerrie incorporates a blend of massage and energy modalities to balance clients body mind and soul.

Join me to learn about Reflexology of the hands and feet and how it can be used to relieve discomfort within your body.


"Relieve Discomfort with Reflexology"


"Scentsational Aromatherapy"

Jilian graduated from the Raw Food Institute Immersion Program in Simsbury, Connecticut and is a Certified Health Coach through the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Jilian is an Animal Aromatherapist and is certified in the ArōmaTouch Technique. She passionately shares her experiences with Health & Wellness in hopes of helping others live their best lives.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for therapeutic benefits. When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. In this breakout we will cover safety tips for aromatherapy, how to choose an essential oil, as well as practical application for the most commonly used essential oils.

Haley is an empowerment coach and yoga teacher who supports men and women in following their intuition, going after their goals, and showing up with confidence in relationships.

My Chakra Healing Yoga Flow session will allow you to tap into your own intuition and break through blockages in order to flow freely toward your goals.


"Chakra Healing Yoga Flow"

Friday - August 20th - Day 1

Breakout #3 Lineup


"Confident & Centered under Stress"

Courtney is a corporate wellness provider, well-being coach, and yoga teacher. She runs virtual customized multi-level corporate wellness programs designed to support physical and mental wellness. As a well-being coach, she also supports women who are ready to step into their power and feel confident, calm, and centered without giving up their goals.

This session will help you get unstuck and learn how to take back your personal power to create and maintain a confident and centered mindset. The self-care tools offered will compassionately support you both during stressful situations and in recovering from challenging times.

Self-Mastery Expert specializing in aligning clients with their true authentic self and creating a safe space for their journey from subconscious conditioning to self-mastery, with Intuitive Quantum Healing & Human Design.

When you can understand the mechanics of your design you have the ability to live as the highest manifestation of self. Together, we will dig deeper into understanding your design, giving you the tools to start changing your personal narrative and awakening to the true authentic story of who you really are.


"Understanding your Human Design"


"Sanskrit Mantra Magic"

Diane, owner of Natural Body Works LLC, has been applying her extraordinary skills as a body-worker, energy-worker, intuitive spiritual channel, hypnotist and healing guide; to help clients reduce physical and emotional challenges while increasing comfort, ease, inner peace and self-empowerment.

In this workshop, students will learn about the amazing magic of Sanskrit Mantra. We will cover: a brief history of Sanskrit Mantra, why and how chanting Sanskrit Mantra is so magically beneficial, use of a Mala as a counting tool,

how to incorporate a practice of chanting Sanskrit Mantra into daily life, Mantra pronunciation, meaning and an application for each Mantra covered.



Audio / Video Downloads

Special Breakout Q&A

with Speakers each Day

Saturday - August 21st - Day 2

Breakout #4 Lineup

Anastasia is the only SuperConnection Practitioner in North & South America. She has a strong love and passion for teaching and sharing what she knows with others so that they may experience a fuller and richer life.

Using SuperConnection, a dowsing, clearing and healing modality, we will be releasing trapped emotions associated with our birth story. What we experience during the birth scenario as a baby and/or as the mother/father during a birth can get trapped in our varies energy bodies and can affect relationships and situations later on in life. Releasing stuck emotions can greatly release repeating patterns and help us to live a more free and full life.


"Releasing Birth Trauma Patterns"


"Healing Self-Limiting Beliefs"

Claudia is an independent certified Theta Healer who guides and supports people transform their mindset through their values and beliefs.

Together we will explore how to release your self-limiting beliefs and change them into new empowering ones.

I will be explaining the Theta Healing modality and how it can benefit you.

"When we change how we think, we change how we act and get different results in our life."

Kate utilizes a variety of different techniques she learned in her 15+ years in fitness to help her students find body bliss and move with ease.

Are you able to do all the activities and sports you love? Many need to stop due to aches, pains, and movement limitations. In The Usual Achy Suspects session, we will address the foot, hips, and shoulders to improve our movement. Overactive muscles will be massaged using therapy balls (tennis balls or anything else you have available). We'll then jumpstart and activate the under-active muscles to help create better body balance to allow you to get more out of your workouts.


"The Usual Achy Suspects"


"The Energy of Thought"

April has made it her life's mission is to help as many people as she can to develop permanent

self-esteem and inner peace through awareness. Teaching people they have innate worth, value and purpose in this life. April has the gift of being a psychic-medium where she gets the

privilege to heal many souls, guide people in their life, and connect them to loved ones on the other side. Everything she does is intended to heal, and spread love and light in the world.

In our session, we will delve into how our thoughts interrupt or enhance our energy field.

Saturday -August 21st - Day 2

Breakout #5 Lineup

Heather helps anxious, overwhelmed, highly sensitive individuals change their entire life by exploring the subconscious mind, beliefs, parts, sub-personalities, core wounds, and inner child. Some people say it's mindset or shadow work, some say reprogramming and others say it’s coaching - what we do is actually much deeper. And I feel it doesn't matter what you call it, what really matters is that what we do is magic.


"Turn your Inner Critic into an Asset"


"Dive into the Benefits of Breathwork"

Kerry truly believes that every single person deserves to feel GOOD in their bodies and wants to help you access that feeling. Through her own healing journey, she has experienced what it is like to be on the other side of the table and to be so unsure of what is happening in your body that you feel lost.

In This session with Dr. Kerry McGinn, you will learn all about breathwork and it's myriad benefits and varieties. There will be a dive into the science behind breathwork: why it is so important, how it can help your physical, mental & emotional body and what the current research supports.

Kelly is an expert in understanding energetic frequencies and has embraced her ability to be a mirror for others to see themselves as she and the universe see them. Her ability to connect to the human soul while sharing the messages and wisdom of universal energy, her ancestors and the animal kingdom will leave you with an open heart and open mind to expand your intentional awareness of what is possible in your own life.

Join me in this guided meditation where I will call in the four corners, mother earth and the sky people to share in this sacred journey to connect you to your totem animal or spirit guide.


"Journey to Your Spirit Guide"

Saturday - August 21st - Day 2

Breakout #6 Lineup


"Peace, Love & Sound Healing"

Debbie is a reiki master who a few years ago became interested in sound healing. She took some classes, and now it has become her passion. She started Peaceful Vibes so that people can relax, recharge, and come into balance.

Together we will explore the dynamics of sound healing- what it is, what happens during a session, and the different items that can be used. Then you will receive a brief session.

Nicki is a certified Life and Health Coach at Sunflowers in Sunshowers Life Coaching. Her desire is to empower women to flourish---to really reach their full potential and develop their capabilities to consciously create their good life. Her work focuses on helping women heal and feel happy healthy and whole in their mind, body and soul.

In my workshop we’ll learn to embrace and heal the inner child—the part of personality that lives in your unconscious and still reacts and feels like a child. If this child carries unresolved wounds it can affect how we react in adulthood—in our relationships and behavior patterns. Working with this part of ourselves has many benefits including helping us build greater self-love and compassion for ourselves. Join me to learn more!


"Embracing Your Inner Child"


"Money Mindset"

Sara’s been guiding other beautiful souls in healing their relationship with money since 2019. She's paid off over $80,000 of her debt, bought her first home and retired from corporate, which doesn't compare to the joy and freedom she's created for herself. At 26, she’s living a life she truly loves and it all started with her money mindset.

Healing our relationship with money to attract more abundance in our life begins with knowing ourselves on a deeper level. During this session, we’ll tap into your inner child and I’ll guide you on how to understand what your cosmic personality can tell us about healing your relationship with money to create the life you truly desire!

Choose Your 3 Favorite Sessions Each Day

Learn tools and techniques Ask questions

Connect with Vendors to set up 1:1 sessions after the event

Sunday - August 22nd - Day 3

Breakout #7 Lineup

Isabelle works as an Intuition Coach to help people tap into their intuition & their feminine power through deep work meditation & journaling.

Being burned out, feeling tired & exhausted is you having a spiritual crisis. It is you not living in alignment Body, mind and soul want to be healthy. If you neglect one of them, you are neglecting your whole you. Connect with your feminine power & learn to balance your energies and tap into your true self through meditation & journaling.


"Living in Alignment"


"Journeying Though Grief"

Amy is a certified End of Life Doula who provides holistic, practical, emotional, and spiritual support to the dying and their loved ones at the end of life. She also is a grief specialist, yoga teacher, and hospice volunteer.

In this breakout, we'll have a look at what grief is, what it can look like, how it might show up in our bodies, and what we can do to process it in a healthy way. There will be a short meditation, followed by some journaling, in addition to a discussion about coping mechanisms and creative ways to deal with loss.

Heather is an Emotional Health Coach + Mentor for Life + Business.

She's a cat-loving, foodie, personal development, self-care enthusiast who helps anxious and overwhelmed individuals create radical emotional and mindset transformations so that they can:

Go from feeling: Hopeless, unhappy, and stressed,

To actually feeling: Optimistic, like anything is possible, energized, and confident they are capable of having everything they desire as they've never experienced in their entire life.

Welcome, join me and immerse yourself in the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls as we work our way through the chakras.


"Intuitive Sound Bath"


"Welcome to Qigong"

Susi has her Master’s in Clinical Qigong therapy and has been helping people and their animals overcome challenges for the past 10 years.

Qigong uses movements, visualizations and intention to release challenges by using the internal energetic system of meridians and acupoints. This system has been used for nearly 5,000 years in East Asian countries.

By working with the internal pathways known as Meridians and their acupoints, we can release difficulties and promote healing of body, mind and spirit..

Sunday - August 22nd - Day 3

Breakout #8 Lineup

Hannah is Emotion Code certified, a Reiki Practitioner and a certified Theta Healer. She encourages you to learn how to ask questions about why your body feels the way it does.

Trapped emotions and beliefs can be stored in your body affecting the way you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In this session we will be focusing on how they are affecting your physical body.


"Release Emotions with Emotion Code"


"Discovering Crystals"

Cathy balances healing methodologies with practical application; assisting clients not only with holistic therapy sessions but also for them to see, feel and face their issues. Cathy has a knack for reaching to very root of a person’s need to heal, whether in the body, the aura, or their ancestry. Cathy is passionate about helping children and adults to find relief from stress and pain through Reiki, crystals and meditation.

Join me to learn all about crystals, their vibrations, and how they correspond to the Chakras.

As your Holistic Wellness Advisor, Gaia will guide you to explore and transform your struggles and life blocks through multiple healing modalities. She will teach you how to take good care of your body, mind, energy and emotions in order to get back on track on your path to well-being and health.

Grab a mat or Blanket and join her trauma-informed Restorative Yoga session, to experience calm, relaxation and process life stressors.


"Nurture Your Nervous System"

Sunday - August 22nd - Day 3

Breakout #9 Lineup


"Tapping into Health"

Lori is an EFT Trainer, Mentor and Practitioner through EFT International. With a strong foundation in mystical teachings and metaphysical laws, she is on a mission to raise the vibration of this planet through EFT education, spiritual inspiration and personalized tapping sessions.

Learn how to reduce stress, self regulate and reduce physical pain in a simple holistic way!

Joanna’s goal is to guide her clients to self-empowerment. She is a hypnotist, Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong Practice Leader and Healer, and life coach.

This hypnotic experience will take you into a daydream state where you will become more comfortable and relaxed as you use your imagination under the guidance of Joanna’s voice to gather up and release unwanted thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and memories – that fail to serve your greatest good – and then plant seeds for new thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that you want to have in your life. The metaphor will be followed by hypnotic suggestions to be more calm, relaxed, and self-confident and less worried, sad, and self-critical. Imagery will include fire.


"The Garden of Your Life:

Hypnotic Metaphor"


"Feng Shui Bedroom Basics"

Looking for a way to have a better night’s sleep?! Learn how to create balance and harmony in your bedroom with Feng Shui, the ancient art and science of placement.

Come join Linda, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and President and owner of Feng Shui Your World to get the Top 10 tips to create a bedroom space that is peaceful and uplifting to contribute to a good night's sleep. Discover how to set up your bedroom for rejuvenation, connection and intimacy.

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